Move those Feet!

Found this amazing photo and tracked it back to the blog it was on, but no credit was given to where it came from..given that it looks like a watercolor, i’m sure it must be copyrighted to someone.. but its stunning!

The Ferrier is coming for the second time since I got my girl, her old owner said that her feet had been done four weeks before I got her and we had a bit of trouble finding a ferrier to put us into the loop, but we got a good one and I want to keep him happy as he did a great job with my girl..

When she is calm as can be, she will let me pick up her feet and pick them and get on with things, have her be the least bit hot and she will make me pick them up and then she wiggles and makes them go back down, now she has never won this game, I always win but at times it was a three or four pickup, for when it really should have been one up, cleaned and down and in the end it seemed to be harder on me then her..

So I changed it up.. I move her to stand sqaure on lead and halter (not tied up) and ask nicely to pick up her foot and pick it.. if she does it, its good girl and pat, and she can graze while I do so.. if she goes to put her foot back down, I pick up the lead, her training stick and she has to do a min of two circles around me up to four circles or one trot, one walk, I mix it up.. then I ask her whoa and stand and try again, if she lets me pick it up and go.. pat, good girl and graze.. give me any pressure to drop the foot back down and around we go..

Well, let me tell you what a improvement in this, when I did it for the first time, she went round two or three times per foot..  then it became one per foot, then once for the first foot, and now I am getting all four without a issue, of course sometimes she still needs to check and see if I am going to make her move her feet if she does not give nicely.

Gotta love it when a plan comes together.. but soon comes the big test.. will my work help the ferrier? I will let you know..

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