What Go Up, Must Come Down

Do you see that very high back on that saddle, we had borrowed tack for the first bit from T, and DH had gone bareback riding for a bit as well.. I will back date some photos and stories as we go along, well, when he first got into that saddle, he was a very unhappy camper, as the back was a good two inches higher then the one he had been using..

You see this one was brought, not just because it was a 18 inch saddle to fit me much better but also as it was a space age memory foam and endurance saddle.. Endurance saddles are to be made for longer rides, rougher trails and they are much harder to get the rider out of if something goes wrong.

Well on tonights ride, I got to have a bit more of a challange then I expected.. I started out just fine with grooming, tacking and didn’t do much ground work, perhaps I should have but you see a storm was moving in and I didn’t have long for light anyway, all I wanted was a short ride and to do a few drills etc..

It started out great, until I thought, lets take that though gate, and she refused on the first pass, I pushed the issue and she was great, though the gate, though the correl and into the back corner, we were doing awesome and then we turned the corner of the big barn, sheep, big flappy blue tarp, huge gust of wind though the corn and pigeons went up and she spooked, and went sideways, I reacted and turned her to go behind the barn and out, she wanted to go the other way.

I said, no, she said yes, I said no, she crowhopped, I said no, she said, yes, I said no and she bucked, twice with a sliding crowhop and a butt turn, now I have been worried for as long as I have had her, what am I going to do if and when she decides its time to challange me and give a little buck, I was truly worried, did I still have the skills need, did I still have the balance, I could really hurt myself if I ended up on the ground..

First rule, as far as I was concerned was unless unsafe to do so.. stay on the horse!

So here is what I learned..

I won the battle, I didn’t even come close to getting bucked off (not that she was really trying, she was just testing me) I had the knowledge and skills and while we might have done a few more kiss your butt cicles then I want to admit to get control back and to get her back though the different pastures, I did keep control..

Second, when that happens and I was young, it was just funny or even a bit exciting, when it happen at 39, it gives you butterflies in the tummy, and for me at least, shaking hands and legs as I was trying to calm myself down, I rode her out till I got to where DH was and had him take the bridle, while I did breathing until both myself and brandy were centered and then I road her around the pasture and dismounted and worked her on the ground for awhile and then we just sat together

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