Ferrier time today.. Second visit..

I wrote the first post for the main farm blog, and figured it kind of needed to be reposted on her main horse blog before I did todays post..

I got to say that I really like my ferrier, he is so good with the horses and he had been keeping an eye out on a few different things in terms of horse drawn equipment which is just so nice of him because it means that it will be within a reasonabe driving/collecting time.

So we started over at Farmer T’s and then moved over to my place for Brandy, I had to laugh she was laying down and sleeping at the back and gave me this sleep look, and so I got her up and haltered and out to her working place..

It was the night and day horse! Yippie.. last time she was worried and she fussed and really gave him a run for his money.. I knew that if I did baby step and steady work on her that I felt she would be much better, ( I want to keep him coming to look after her) and it worked..

She was calm and steady, she did take her foot back once and he let me do her work the circle a couple times and put her back, see Move your Feet Training  if you want to know more about that training idea.

She was was calm enough that I was even able to ask and get her to lower her head and relax, it was awesome, she was such a good girl.

I also got some great horse advice and will need to pick up a tool for the one thing and hunt down the other to add in in regards to her nutrion..

Having said that, I was not as pleased to see that the bump is NOT growing out and in fact it does appear that its here to stay, its not effecting me riding her and so with care it should not be a issue but he says that she would have had to be been very lame for a good while, weeks to months while it got to that point.. No one said that she had been lame when I got her.. but clearly she has healed to the point that it does not bother her at this time, now its up to me to make sure that it stays that way..

A little sad that she is not going to grow it out but as they say.. deal with it.. and that’s just what I will do..

If you live in the cornwall ontario or within an hour’s drive and want a referral to a amazing ferrier, drop me a note and I will be happy to give you contact information.

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