Sunday Report..

Its been a excellent week.. So what did you do with your horse this week?

  • Rides -5
  • Training under tack-2
  • Trick training -3 -Teaching to bow
  • Bridle training-7 days
  • Ground training-7 days
  • Foot Training-cleaning-5x
  • Foot Trimming

The issues of the week to work on are still getting her to take her bit, she is still not happy with it, once its in, she is fine but its the asking that is the issue, head down, head up, once you can get the bite to the correct place and ask, she will give you her mouth, but I would like that to get easier.. In keeping with that, she has had her bridle put on every single day..some days went better then others..

Ground training is coming along very well, and the training in regards to her feet is moving into the excellent range, I could not be more pleased.



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2 Responses to Sunday Report..

  1. Marie says:

    Does it work the same as with a dog? I use gentle leaders on mine, kinda like a bridle I suppose, lead the nose in with a treat?

    • To a point yes, I am doing alot of face rubbing, ear rubbing and grooming, I am putting halter on and off a number of times, I am putting the bride on and off bit less and I give treats after the bit goes in without a issue, we are also doing mouth play, like I said, some days it works well and other days she is not nearly as happy about it, its a slow but steady process..

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