Horse Insurance

When I was growing up, I don’t remember anyone really having horse insurance but times are a changing, and since I got my wonderful Brandy, I have been on a steep learning curve, she is covered under the farm insurance but I want her to also have coverage for riding off the farm and on the local trails..

Here are some of the things I have tracked down.. there is the OEF, who provide insurance with their membership.. Interestingly most of the horse trails clubs appears to require proof of insurance for the rides across the whole province and even more close to home in the ottawa valley, the CEREC also requires a min of two million to ride their trails along with membership cards..

I went to horse clinic to audit in the past few weeks ( I will get a write up on it at some point in the future) but I was surprised to see and hear that no one at the clinic that I talked to about it, had any insurance on their horse, despite riding off property and taking their horses to clinics or events..

Point in fact one of the instructors just laughed and said, I don’t do that either for my own horses, I found that amazing, I get his point that clearly he would not be able to do each horse but I would figure that he could have a multi-horse program in place..

So do you have farm/pesonal horse insurance in regards to your horse? IF so do you have any recommendations on who you get it from?

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