Learning to trust and know each other..

Yesterday was a very busy day at the end of a very busy long weekend, it was a rock solid work morning/afternoon, and yet another freezer camp day but it was also beautiful, it was plus 18, with a warm wind and given that it was in the first part of Nov, you had better take advantage and find time to go riding..

So here is my story of yesterday’s journey with Brandy, she was as willing as I in terms of wanting to get out an spend some time together, they took off the corn from the big farm fields around us and that means we now have many, many acres of rideable land accessable from our back pasture gate, which means that we can go riding without needing to go on the road to get there off-farm.

So we tacked her up and it went very well, then I went to mount her and I couldn’t, I was so sore from having a very hard working weekend, she stood for the first mount and if I had been able to finish it, I know that it would have gone well but I could not get the proper lift and the next was even more unforgiving to me then the first, at which point, I decided that the only way I was getting on her was if I did the slide on from the big front step, instead of using the mounting block, so of we went to it..

Do you think she would come in and stand proper for Dh, No! she was bringing in her front but swinging out her rear to the point that I could not mount, so we walked her around and gave her the choice a few more times, I would get her in postion and as soon as I went up the steps she would swing on her butt, and Dh would ask her to step over and she would refuse him, she would do it for me but swing out when I walked up the steps.

Frack, Frig and Fig It… this went on longer then it should and up and down the stairs and around we went, and then I had it.. and I back Dh off and Brandy and I had a little tussel.. we did some hard and fast ground work, and I brought her back to the spot and she went in and I asked her to over, and her answer was a high head pop, to which she got the smallest little rein pop on her flank ( I swear this was a very light pop, I can tap her just as hard with her training stick) and just flipped that switch and in went the rear right where I wanted it, reward, and then she did something that made me smile and just shake me head, after she did what I asked, she lowered her head and did the lip touch, it was as close to her version of “sorry” as you can get..

But at that point, I knew that I was to sore to get up and try and ride so Dh got up and off we went to the back field, the walk felt really good to me and Dh rode her across the farm, out the gate and around the big field, they road most of the way across the field, and then then did some exercises, they looked great together and she was so good with him and he is really starting to find his seat and he did so well with the reins, since we got the chin strap and did the last bridle adjustments, she responds to just a light and soft touch it was wonderful to see how well they rode together, our saddle is starting to break in well and fit her so much better.

I found myself crying as I watched my horse and my man riding out there, it was happy tears for sure but still they flowed and I had to laugh as when he rode up to me, before he saw that I was crying, he said to me, “Best Horse I ever owned” with a laugh..

As we figured we would not be the only ones that were out riding in this amazing warm day, we headed back onto the farm, where Dh played round up the sheep and move them around the pastures before we headed back to end the ride as I didn’t want him on Brandy if or when the girls rode past the farm, as I don’t know how well she would behave under saddle when she saw the other horses, but as it happens the girls saw we were riding and so they doubled back and went back though the bush, such sweethearts.

After they got back and untacked, A (who is 11) came over to chat and see how our ride went, I had unsaddled brandy but still had her bridle on and after visiting a bit, I asked her if she wanted to go for a bit of ride on Brandy, she said yes, and up she went on to her bareback, and we went up and down the lane and around the road a bit, she did well and really enjoyed the ride, Brandy was basicly trailing me but it was still fun and A was grinning from ear to ear, and said she was so smooth for such a big horse and seemed to really enjoy seeing the world from that high up point.

A wonderful way to end a great ride on a high note is to see your horse be so well-behaved and gentle with both your man and a young child, after that ride, she was standing with me, eye’s half closed, and gave me a head lean and soft sigh.. it was a moment, where she seemed just as happy to be with us as we were to be with her..

I said to Dh, I really feel that we are getting to the point that we know each other, now don’t get me wrong here, she is a big and powerful animal an you should never truly trust any animal that can hurt you without trying a 100 percent but having said that, I felt very comfortable putting A up there bareback, a) because I know my horse and can read her body lang pretty good at this point b) she has proven herself time and time again to look out for her rider c) A can really ride well and is very much a natural little horse gal..

While the walk pretty much did me in for the rest of the day, it was so worth it.. and once again I was reminded why I am trying to lose another 50 pds or more to be able to improve my overall quality of life, I want to be able to get back to being able to go for 12 plus hours a day again and feel great at the end of it..

I want to put in a solid eight hour work day on the farm and then still be able to saddle up and for a ride at the end of it!

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