Brandy Overview in regards to training 2012

Well its that time of the year for the blog, I have been busy updating the goals, the challanges, the garden and more pages on the front header of the blog, Brandy was a surprise in 2012 to say the least and one that I am very grateful to have had enter my life.

I had a goal for how many hours I wanted to spend working with Brandy but I think I was just a touch to hopeful on that one, I had wanted a min of 300 hours working with her before the end of 2012, and I figure the truth is, we most likely did get there, because if you added in the time that we are training twice to three times daily when we are doing chores, while she follows us around like a huge horse puppy, I am very sure that we did in fact spend at least 300 hours since we got her together, and really we are training her, just as she is training us..

2012-12-28 2012-12-28 001 006 (600x450)

But on a more formal note..Since I got her in Aug of 2012

56 hours in Ground Training

23.5 Riding hours

3.5 hours in harness.

Riders-4 in 2012, 3 adults, 1 teen

For a total of.. 83 hours of active horse time.. So right around 21 hours per month that she has been here..

I certianly expect to blow right though this amount of time working her in 2013, I really want to put at least 300 to 400 hours of combined active work time on her, more would of course be better..

There is so much to do in regards to manure pile, filling in of ruts, smoothing out pasture work, garden work along with I hope many hours of trail/buggy riding coming this year along with I hope hours to be spent having fun on ground train/horse agility.

While both of us really needed the time spent on the most basic’s in regards to ground training, I like the idea of using the basic tools in the horse agility to keep the ground training fresh for both of us for the coming year.

So talk to me, if you have horses, approx how many hours are you spending actively working them per week, month, yearly? I am not counting in care, or barn time, I am only counting active training, riding or working time..

How many hours does a horse need under the saddle to be considered green broke, experance rider broke, well-broke or bomb proof?

How many hours in a harness is needed to say that they are a Broke to drive? vs a driving horse, vs a seasoned driving horse?

I’ve read in a number of books that it takes a full thousand hours to really get a well trained horse, but I have no idea at all on how many hours she has in either riding or driving before I got her? and I could just start from scratch in the counting but I think that is a bit much..

So give me a helping hand here folks.. I have written enough, shared photos and video’s enough that I think I can ask this.. how many hours under the saddle do you think you would give her currently, how many in harness? She was broke and driven in a team so learning to be a single driving horse appears to be new to her.

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