Horse Agility for Jan 2013

Well, I have ordered the book, and I have some things already built and I am still in the training and beginning stage on this but even if I am not ready to summit video for the contest, I am still planning on training and then putting up a video on my own little blog here, are you doing horse agility in ontario, in canada? if so leave me a comment, anyone from the ottawa valley area?

so this months starter course is ten peices

  1.  Hula Hoops – Got them but need to train with them
  2. Wait- Hoops apart by 12 feet, horse in one, person in the other, wait for 5 seconds at stands
  3. Back over a pole
  4.  Scary Corner at least 12 feet long
  5. Jump at any height
  6. L bed turn, at least 12 feet long, with bend at least 4 feet long
  7. Curtains -forward
  8.  Pole Corrider -forward
  9. Pole Corrider-Backwards
  10. Tarp on ground-both cross it.

I am quite sure that we can put this course together and should be able to practise and get a good video of it for you!

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