Welcome Sir Pippin LittleHooves to the Herd!

2010-04-21 2010-04-21 040 014 (600x450)Well, this is Pippin, and what a story he comes with.. you see, he was called Pony for good long month plus.. Pony was spotted grazing in a field not far from where Farmer Gal and Farmer T live, and someone stopped in to see if “we” were missing a horse, and its getting darkish and so to be dark and we have a very healthy pack of coy-wolvies. Needless to say we could not just leave him out there so he was tracked down and caught, and we all assumed that his owners could and would be found over the next few days, its a small area and he had to be belong to someone right?

Well over a month later, and after exploring many different avenues to find his owner with no luck, he is still with me, we called him Pony for the first month but at some point you have to accept that the the odds of his owners coming for him are getting very low indeed.. so it was time to decide what the next move is..

Between our very costly hay this winter, the fact that he has no paperwork and very basic training, trying find him a home at the moment is pretty slim and we don’t want him to go for meat if we move him on this winter..

So the plan is to just welcome him to the farm for now, I will spend the next months training him and teaching both manners and ideally breaking him to harness and drive as that seems to be the gold standard for a mini to help make it adoptable.

His second job is simple, be a herd buddy and friend to Brandy, who once again has a herd to belong to even if its only of two. Its a interesting thing, she is boss but depsite him being so little, he does not take much gruff from her either.

Boy let me tell you, I never expected to have a mini-horse, but then life works that way sometimes does it not.. from dreaming of a horse to having two of them in 2012!  Going to be a very horsey 2013!

I will do his measurements and take more photos of him to give his stats soon enough!

2010-04-21 2010-04-21 040 007 (600x450)

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One Response to Welcome Sir Pippin LittleHooves to the Herd!

  1. Well, after having this little guy for weeks and weeks, we were able to finally track down his owners and he left the very next day to head off to his home..

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