Sir Pippen Littlehooves..

As a few of you might remember, I wrote that while “I” really like the name Houdini, that Pony himself did not respond to to it, and while you can work on changing a critters name, it helps if the animal appears to like the sound combo..

Needless to say he responded better to Pony then to Houdini.. so the name needed to be looked at and considered..and I asked for help, it came in from a number of readers and they all had some very good idea’s, thoughts on ways to name him based on his size, his temperment/looks..

And so I spent three days going out and using names on him looking for any kind of response, and I finally got one, when it happened, I just stopped and started to laugh.. I had called him a pipsqeak.. and his little head popped up and ears came forward.. this really got me thinking about the fact that he would “answer to pony”

I don’t know what his old name was but I will lay down a dollar bet tht it started with a P..

So given that information and some of the idea’s in the different commentors, his new name is Pippen, aka, Pip, Pippy, and of course Pipsqeak!

To make it even more suiting,  meaning of the name Pippin is ‘Foreigner, stranger’.

Throw in the wonderful Pippen from Lord of the Rings and his unkept little wild mane and coat, along with his adventure spirit and willingness to be a tough guy despite being so tiny, and then there is the fact that he is Brandy’s little shadow, aka, the sidekick, just as pippen was to start with.. just as he grew in the movie, I hope that my Pippen will show me hidden depths.

So hope you will enjoy reading how and why he got his full new name..  Sir Pippen Littlehooves

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