March 5th- Ground training..

Today was amazingly mild and it was perfect to get out and spend an hour or so with my girl doing ground work..

We did “bit work” and grooming and feet pick up and then we moved on out to the road in front of the house, one of the few places that is ice free these days and where I had the painted line to use as a marker on the road..

So first we worked on some basic’s, lefts and rights and stops and feet pick up, backs etc.

Then we moved over to ground training and a number of moves in this regards, as it was the first real refresher course since I started teaching her how to ground train last fall, I started with the most basic and worked my way up..

in between the ground training, we worked on either, lead rope being tied off in a loop, going over and off her head, over ears, backing from it on the ground, and lateral head turns left and right.

Or we worked on follow the leader with the lead over my shoulders and if she didn’t keep up and the rope didn’t stay loose, it was a ah, and if she stayed close enough that the rope stayed loose, it was a yes, I did road crossing from side to side, stopping and starting and full turn aounds etc.

We didn’t get up to very high on the stand/ground tie, only counting her off till one min once, most being between 20 to 40 second count offs, but I was able to get back to walking away, walking around her, etc

Overall it was a great training day!

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