March 6th- Pink Feather proofing :P

My Poor Poor Girl,  the horror of it.. it rattles, it flaps in the wind, its a really weird color.. thats right.. its , its, its a pink fully feathered kitty toy!!!

So today was a good day over, not quite as nice out as yesterday and she was for sure hotter, as I worked in the pasture around the other critters instead of taking her off-farm like I did yesterday.

We did some great clicker training, love having the wrist banned clicker so that its right there, I am working on getting her to understand that “yes” and the click both mean the same thing..

We did some lunging (which is how I know she was a lot hotter today then yesterday as well) she gave me a run for the money and I really should have put the proper lunge line on but I didn’t mean to lunge her,  I was just planning lots of fun proofing but when she gets fussy, she gets to move her feet and then start again, nice and slow..

After the third time, it was clear that she wanted to just get out and move, so we went out to the middle of the field and I just let her rip and play and then stop and give eyes and get a yes and she would flip sides and go again.. I let her decide how much she wanted to work and she didn’t stop till she was huffy a bit..  (she is out of shape, compared to where we were last year when winter hit that’s for sure).

Then we did some feet work, and some grooming and then went back to the feathered kitty toy, but by then she was ready to learn instead of just react and so it went very well..

She decided that after being turned loose that it was all so “stressful” and such a good work out that she needed a snow bath roll.. It was a great job but my current camera is so not up to the task at hand, I need to get a new little ditgal one that had the so many frames while you hold it down, the sport feature and the micro lens feature again.. I miss my old camera.

2012-12-24 2012-12-24 078 002 (500x375)

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5 Responses to March 6th- Pink Feather proofing :P

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  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    LOL! Looks like she’s having the same trouble as the dogs and the cat are here… GET OUT darned itchy winter coat!

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