March 7th- Tied down..

Every horse needs to know how to be tied and left without getting all worked up about it.. This is a weakness in Brandy’s training, she does fine with being tied up for tacking, she does fine with being tied up for grazing and she does fine with being tied up for grooming but being tied up and left.. O my.. she gets grumpy and then she starts pawing.

So other then grooming and feet her lession today was to just hang where i put you and if you want eat some hay..  She didn’t get let off till she had settled and was relaxed and eating hay, so she was tied up for all the morning chores 😛

2012-12-24 2012-12-24 079 009 (500x375)

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2 Responses to March 7th- Tied down..

  1. Ell says:

    Girl, be careful tying her to a feeder, panel fence or anything else that will easily move if she decides she wants to go – it could end up in a wreck in no time flat.

    • Thank you for kind comment Ell, I do hear what you are saying, I agree that anytime you tie a horse, it can end up as a possible issue..

      But I find that slow, steady, small never ending training really, really helps with this, and so for me, the choice I make is to do pretty much daily training on or off the farm in regards to her learning how to be tied to pretty much anything and learning that when she is tied, be it ground tied, or else, that her job is to relax and stay..

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