March 8th- Feet..

It was a lovely day and Brandy was fine in everything we did, other then feet pick up and hold, we had come so far last year and then she had a break, we did her last trim with the ferrier and it all went ACK! We got it done and it was not a good moment, she was a brat and I called in help in the form of DH and that didn’t help, it just made things worse.

Ever since, I can easily ask her to pick up her feet with her training stick, she pick lift and lift and hold for me.. if I want to pick up her feet and move then over traces or lines, she is excellent, if I want to pick up and pick them, she is fussy but not to bad if she see’s the pick in my hand, but ask her to pick up and hold or hold forward and she just powerhouse me down..

We are currently back to baby step lifts, hold and down, lift, hold and down.. the rest of the training was perfect, she was calm and collected and we did backs, giving rear quarters, front quarters, mouth play, ear play, all kinds of bagging, and worked on ground tie and bubble work..

Truly it was a good day in training other then those feet..

Tomorrow I slip off the farm while DH hods down the fort for a full day of a horse training clinic, its a mix of troubleshoot issues and trick training and I hope that my issue will be covered, otherwise, we are each allowed one question, and I know which one mine will be, how do you get her to lift those feet and stop striking out in front, when she is the least bit frustrated..

Clearly this is a bad and possable dangous habit that must be retrained.. one step at a time, one step at a time..

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