The Earth Rose up..

or I fell down.. hmmm, that sounds more like it..  Well after a great morning of puttering, crossbow target practice, I decided I wanted to go riding, Bit work was fab, tacking awesome..  even lining her up on the mounting block good, she was focused and seemed to be looking forward to going out as much as me..

And there was the issue, I mounted up and she walked out on me.. now I have read about this issue, I even remember it to point with other horses and I have seen it enough times to know what it, but Brandy never does it.. she is rock solid normally at the mount up..

But not today, today as soon as the weight went in and I had a leg over, she was walking out under me.. now if I had better balance, better upper body strength to my overall body mass, I would have been able to finish that pull across and things would have been fine..

But it was not meant to be, I pulled on the horn and gravity folks did the rest, but instict also kicked in, and I was able to come off and over the saddle, and (THANK YOU DAD!!!! for those wonderful new crooked stirrups!!!!) and once I was coming back down, take my foot out of my stirrup and at that point I let go, and landed full body contact in about 8inchs to a foot of mud… Splat!

2012-12-24 2012-12-24 107 001 (500x495)

At which point, Brandy stops moving and goes, you ok? overall, I am ok, a bit sore but no where near what it could be, and while DH had the camera so that he could get a nice photo of me riding for you.. instead, he got the one above..

In a way, as strange as this might seem, it was a good thing, I knew that at some point I would take a fall when working with the horse and I am been very worried about what would happen in a fall at my weight.. the answer kinda surprises me, at least this time.. not much different then if I was less in weight, my old training and instinct kicked in.

On the other hand, it just drives home the fact that I really need to keep going down on that scale and I need to increase my strength and overall flexablity..  As DH said.. If this happened on the trail while camping, you have! to get back on and finish the ride..

Lots of work to be done!

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