First night at the farm..

Well, I spent some time in the pasture last night just hanging out, and it was clear that the Brandy and Rusty were going to be just fine, with Brandy being head of the two..

We checked on them before bed, Brandy was eating at the hay bale but Rusty was hanging at the gate to the small pasture, now the small pasture is about an acre or so, and the big pasture is closer to 3 (ok, size is relative to your own land right?)

When I woke up for the morning hound break, it was just before six and raining, but I headed out to check on the horse’s, now any other day and Brandy would be in the lean to but instead I found them both in the small pasture under the tree, now the tree for sure does provide shelter but they were wet.

2013-01-01 291 (600x450)

Both came up to greet me and get morning hello’s, and I caught his halter (which needs to be replaced with a good leather one), I don’t like the nylon ones at all! and lead him though the gate and then he froze, wide eyed and no way.. I backed up and patted, I coo’d, I clucked.. nope, he was not coming forward..hmmm should have brought the lead rope but I can tell just looking at him, that if he has been at the hay bale in the big feeder, it was not a lot and in truth I don’t think he left the little pasture and the hay bale feeder is in the big pasture..

So I let him go and he heads right back to his tree.. and I get to head back to the house, get the lead ropes and head back out (still in the rain) and when I get back, they are not under the tree.. no, they are at the far side of the field so I call and of course Brandy comes at a canter, so he joined her for a bit, that was nice to see, then he see’s that I have a lead rope and he stops dead to rights and no way, Brandy comes up of course and he is moving up slow but out of reach..

Now, I know that its only a matter of a few days and catches to make him get the idea that seeing me is a very, very good thing but I was not thrilled that instead of him coming up to me, I had to hide the lead rope behind me and so the slow sideways walk up, but then he was happy to see me, let me come up and pet him and then startled just a tad when I did a quick clip on.. Rusty might be a little slow or just getting his legs under him, because I would not have fooled Brandy that the lead rope went away, just because it was behind my back 😉

He leads like a dream, even with Brandy pushing him from side to side and me weaving him in and out, he is such a well mannered boy on the lead, it was one of his strongest selling point to me, I needed a horse that would not step on my momma or push her around as long as the boundries were set.

So off we head to the big pasture, now he has done the lane up and down and the bush area but I have yet to see him in the big pasture and our first work of the morning, getting him to step over the “BIG SCARY WHITE SNAKE” aka the water hose, he was giving it the wild eye and I think that was part of the hold up, so I walked brandy over and back over it a few time while he was watching, lined the two up and asked them both to move forward, I had forgot how much easier it is to get a horse to do something if the one next to it will, and while he high stepped with it getting the Ah.. eye, over he came.. (note to self, need to bag him out with a whole bunch of things and see how he reacts)

Then for some reason, he does not want to go down the normal trail, no idea why but something about the big pasture has him on edge, lead him around the red shed and give him lots of room and he is better and up to the big hay feeder, as soon as he gets there, he dives in, confirming what I figured, he had not been eating hay during the night, which is to bad, I just assumed he would follow Brandy up to it, J said she was there eating, I figured he would join her.. didn’t know that he had a issue with the pasture or the hose..

But for the past hour, he is on one side of the hay bale and she is on the other and they are stuffing their faces! good horses..

Going to head to the store today, I have a whole list of things to get for the big old guy. he is booked for the ferrier at the end of sept on Brandy’s regular or we will see if he might be able to get done a bit sooner.

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