Starting over.. didn’t I do this last year?

Well, I have to admit that part of me was into my session as I want to learn and share as much as possible with my mom and do a basic refresher course on him.. now we are trying out Samuel on him, he seems to like it better..

Things I have learned since the last post.. he has figured out the lean to with Brandy, that is good..

He drinks water from the five gallon bucket and does not seem to understand that we have a water trough for the horse’s, that will have get sorted out quickly because I am not hauling him buckets.

He deworms like a dream, no fuss, no muss and that’s one more chore out of the way, I am going to do it now, and then again after a hard hard solid freeze up for both him and Brandy.

He leads well with a second horse, when two horse’s he leads on the left, when on his own, he leads on the right, with you on the left, ask him to go in a two horse walk and he wants to be on the left..

He picks up his front feet nicely (forgot what it was like to have horse that does that so nicely)

He grooms well, I tried all three grooming tools, I did ears, face, body, under, feet and mane and tail, o and his tail is a mix of with red hairs on top, its not ever going to be the blond like the mane is.

He has never been lunged and is afraid of the lunge whip, Brandy had the basic’s but she only had one gear, stop to full on gallop.. he has one gear at the moment, confused LOL

He is so out of shape its honestly not funny, I worked him on the ten foot lead line, not even the twenty or thirty foot lunge line, and I never asked for more then a walk, I did two sets of five full circles each way and a solid rest stop, relaxed, pet and allowed to graze for a full count of 60, and he was puffing..

On the other hand, brandy did her own workout the whole time he was out of the field, she walked, paced, trotted and canters up and down the three fence lines of the big pasture and didn’t even really break a sweat..

When he knows what you want, he walks nicely beside you but when he was unsure of himself, he crowded me, this is understandable but not allowed, and must be worked on.

He does rear cross’s well, he does front cross’s, but I am unsure if he is doing them on cue or not, I set him up to win on those and he did them well

He understands and does a tradional back very very well, he has no clue of a wiggle back or a ask back

That it, that’s all folks.. he gets the rest of the day to be a horse and do what horse’s. tomorrow, I want to tack him up and ride him.

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5 Responses to Starting over.. didn’t I do this last year?

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    “He… is afraid of the lunge whip”
    Gritting my teeth here… and I’m sure you get my drift?

    • O, I must have written this wrong, while someone in his past did something to create those scars on his face, I think it must have been a to small halter?, it must have been done a good long time ago given how old they look but I don’t think that he has a “fear” of the lunge whip in the way you read it, more of a natural healthy respect for it, I just don’t think he has been lunged before that’s all..

      Now Brandy on the other hand, she had a massive fear of the “stick”, compared to the freak out and fear she showed the first time she saw me with a stick, that I picked up for yard cleaning, I can say that he did very well indeed.

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Perhaps just a healthy respect for “snakes” of all kinds then? “Phew!” (Glad it wasn’t what I was thinking!)

      • My mom figured out the white garden hose, he is trained to be held with a single white electric tape, we both think now that it was not a “snake” as much as it would have appeared to him as a fence, as it runs the whole length of the field from the house yard to the barn for the water.

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Having been on the receiving end of a “hot” wire more than once, can’t say as I blame him for being leery… (Did you know that sweaty coveralls conduct electricity?; )

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