Good Ride with Samwell..

Basic Training, both on and off the farm riding today, it was just over a hour in total and that was about perfect for both of us.. we did some of the horse agility training basic’s today in the main field, I am trying to work on soft gentle movements for him to turn on, instead of needing such strong left or rights.

2013-01-01 880 (554x600)

It surprised me a bit and in other ways, not at all, that he is herd bound to Brandy at this time, I knew that it was going to be a issue for him, I am interested if we meet up with the other horses and then left her behind, if he would care as much as just going out on his own, he sure loves to call to her and his whole big old body goes with it..

So the ferrier did sam before I left for my trip and he said that I would notice a difference in his gait after the trim, but I didn’t get to ride him before I left, Dh did, but not me.. and so I rode him for around four hours now since I got home, and yes, I agree, a big difference in his stride and in a good way!

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