Big plans for the new year.. Planning a Round pen!


I know that both of my horse’s are broke, and this is very true but both of them have missing gaps in their education, and both of them currently have a few bad habits that need working on.. the rest as they say, is miles in the saddle..

Brandy’s biggest issue at the moment is giving small bucks when she is unhappy with what you have asked her to do, most of the time, this is related to being told NO on something she wants to do..  So far, no one has come out of the saddle and she has not been mean about it, but there are a couple reason’s that she is choosing this behaviour, and each one will be looked at, considered and worked on to see if it makes a difference or not.

But both myself and friends are reading it the same way, I want to do this, and when you tell me no, then I will react with a bad choice.. on the other hand, we had a amazing year with her and she has come so so SO! far in so many ways..

Her other issue is footwork, not me picking her feet, she is totally cool with it, its that she is a snotfaced brat with my ferrier, she is always good for some feet and then just starts acting out on the rest, and by the end of the session both her, myself and the ferrier are just signing, I have tried so man different things with her on this one.. some work for short times, but only if she wants them to.. truly how the day goes depends on her mood to a large point, and that’s just  a little sad..

O and since Jason started mounting her, she has developed a walk out, but that is him, not her, because when I mount or Tina does, she is still rock solid, Jason is not cueing her right on this, and so its a matter of training him, not so much her 🙂

Now Sam, he is a little different, the big thing we need to work on this coming year are, standing still while in a whoa while in saddle, coming down on cue to a slow steady walk, and yielding softly to direction changes, I have never meet a harder mouthed horse ever, I am going to try different bridles, bitless and or different bits, because what I am currently working with, he could give a rat behind about!

So the plan is simple, work the horse’s each three to four times per week, ideally only have a few days with overlap work days, as I get stronger, ideally getting to five days a week per horse, with them and me getting at least one day off at the same time.

One workout in the round pen once it gets here, one arena work, and one to two rides per week ideally, rides are off the farm working, one short and one long ride.

I have a program that is to take approx. one year to teach all the basic’s and fill in any of their missing training and at the same time, work to build our bond and create a working team of horses at the same time.

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