Understanding The Hoof & Basic Dentistry Clinic

Had to wake up way to early to the alarm today in order to drag myself out of bed and be out the door on time to drive to the clinic, but I know how long it takes to get there, about ten min less then I expected, which is nice, and good to know as this barn is offering other class’s though out the coming year. Below is the course outline but that is not really what happened, we spent three hours of the seminar on Dentistry and we went over by 45 on hoof, but that is ok, I already had a understanding of basic hoof care, but was quite lacking (far more then I thought I did) in Equine Dental information. Came home with at least five pages of notes, I am going to break them down and do different blog posts on different things


Internal & External Hoof Anatomy
Importance of Hoofcare
Expectations of Client-Farrier Relations
Common Lameness, Effective & Ineffective Remedy through Hoofcare
Recognizing early stages of chronic problems
Forces of Locomotion & how they apply to your horse
Evaluating soundness before purchase
The reality behind “Barefoot vs. Shod”
Performance Hoofcare

Equine Dental Anatomy
Importance & Benefits of Dentistry
Recognizing a Dental problem
Temporal Mandibular Joint & Dental influence on Overall Balance & Proprioception
Equine Mastication Principles
Performance Dentistry
The Prestigious Art of Aging

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