Can you bond as closely with two horse’s as you can with one..

This is a trick question to me.. I like horse’s but I am also picky, I can meet a herd of horse’s and the truth is, that typically only one will pop for me, and I have meet whole herds where as much as I admire their beauty, their sleek coats and their see in your soul eyes, I won’t connect with any of them.

I have rode horse’s that didn’t much like me, some that were indifferent to me, and I have rode horse’s that were MINE.. and give me a choice and I want to ride with a horse that I am connected to..

I spent hour after hour bonding with brandy and it show’s in so many ways, but she is pissed that Sam is my current riding horse, and to a point rightly so.. I have had some heart to heart talks with her about the honor of carrying Jason, he is very important to me and she does look at him 🙂

Trust me I have watched her time after time do things that she would never do for me, but will do for him, as he learned and makes mistakes but on the other hand, when she wants to push the limit, he is ill-equipped to handle it, and she bloody well knows it.

Sam on the other hand, is just coming into his own on the farm, he is bonding, he is waking up to the fact that Jason or myself will not only be out a number of times a day but that we bring treats, we bring cookies, we bring fresh warm water from the house, we bring lovely sweet hay and we bring sweet words, gentle hands and firm loving.

I have watched him transform in the past four months, when he came, he was sad (which makes sense, he was changing owners again, and its my understanding that it has happened a number of times in his life) and was unsure to say the least on what to expect.. fair, Brandy and him bonded the second they saw each other.. I swear it was love at first sight.. this was both good and bad, as both became herd bound from day one!

But it has been more then that.. it took time but I still remember the look on his face on his first carrot, the days of speaking to him each time I went out.. it was the look in his eye.. “you are talking to me??!”

Slowly, slowly the trust is being built, the timing is sucky.. only had a limited amount of time with him before I went on holiday’s, then rode regular but didn’t do his ground training and he needs it! then winter hit..

In some ways he is like Brandy, both riding horse’s both as steady as can be, and both missing or seeming to lack in certain parts of their basic training..

The big issue is that I am the horse trainer on the farm.. so I am the one out that trains, I am the one that rides the most and I am also the out of shape person, I find I have the energy to train or ride one horse per day, and I don’t find that I often have the strength or energy to train two a day, which means someone seems to be getting short sticked between the two horse’s.

Part of this will be solved with the round pen, I will be able to work the horse’s off lead and that means that I will be able to do shorter training sessions in a easier method, right now, I tend to need to do it all on lead and I have to worry about what the cow is doing, what the other horse is doing and what my feet are doing..

If I bring treats, I have to make sure they are not being eaten by others, if I bring gear, same, if I get hot and drop my coat, it can be picked up and played with, the round pen will give me the freedom of a training space within the larger pasture and as I intend to connect a mounding ride though for me, so that I can get on and off safely to be able to ride within my own pastures for the coming year.

Its going to be a very interesting year to say the least when it comes to training the horse.. I want to see use switching mounts, I want both Brandy and Sam to understand that they are “our” horse’s, that either Jason or myself can and will ride them.

I need to them to find balance just as I need to find balance in my training and time.. Ideally I want to spend at least 3 hours of ground training per horse per week and ride at least three times, all winter/early spring, upwards of five times a week for the summer/fall 🙂

We will see how I do on my goals..


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