Sam See.. Brandy Do.. Let me try that!

This is cracking me up.. you see I trained Brandy to smile to get her cookie, and I also am teaching her head up and head down, its useful because smile helps me teeth check, it helps them get use to me playing with lips and teeth for medication and or bit work etc.

So Brandy see’s me coming in the morning, and I get nickers, happy happy horse and head up and nose in the air, so that as I get closer those lips will get a wiggling and soon the teeth will be showing!

2013-01-01 1199 (450x600)

At this point, I can tell her head up or head down, the head down is a good thing for the halter and bridle part.. Sweet Girl

But check this out.. this is sam, I had noticed it a bit but “it didn’t” connect to me till today, when he not only gave me the same head up, nose but WIGGLED his lips at me, in the hopes that his apple would come just a bit faster.. Clever boy!, I let him have a bit and then did it twice more to help him figure out the behavior more..

2013-01-01 1200 (450x600)

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2 Responses to Sam See.. Brandy Do.. Let me try that!

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Interesting point of view – I can almost smell the horsey breath from here (and would definitely like to feel their velvety muzzles for real: )
    He is SUCH a great guy, your Sam!

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