Dressed up in their Winter Shaggy Coats

2013-01-01 1201 (600x382)

2013-01-01 1203 (600x333)

Both are in very good shape, considering we have had a brutal cold, wet winter so far, they have been though freezing rain twice, and the ten day deep freeze of so cold temps, we have had wind storms in the cold that are just nasty wind chill factors, they of course have the barn for shelter plus they love the one side of the little barn, its ringed with trees and provides wind shelter, plus they have their walk in at the back of the big barn, they are very careful on this ice to say the least.. I am seeing some good filling out on Samwell, he still needs at least another hundred pounds of muscle and weight gain, it would not surprise me that to get to the point of body condition of Brandy, it would be closer to two hundred more pounds on him.

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