Apple Oatmeal Homemade Horse Cookies

Well, I am going to need to keep a much closer track for the next time I make these so that I can write out a recipe at that time..

2013-01-01 1207 (600x450)

I put around a cup of oats and a cup of bran in bowl, with a crabapple size lump of coconut oil, and then poured boiling water of it, till it was just level to the top of the grain/bran and let it sit, swell and oil melt, then I mixed it together with a pint of sweetened apples sauce, and about a tsp of salt, and then use whole grain flour till I had a thick firm non-sticky dough.

Floured the pans, pressed it out, cut marked it, baked, then took it apart, cut each stripe into four and baked again, then allowed to sit in the oven overnight to cool and dry..

But I snuck four treats of the pan and while still warm but not hot, took them out to see if the horse’s liked them, they were a head bobbing, resounding success with begging for more.. awesome..

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