The Hauler..

So on Sunday, our regular hauler came to pick up Girl the cow, who was heading to butcher, we had brought the horse’s out of the pasture and had them at the tacking area, both were excited to come out, I am pretty sure they were hoping to go for a ride, but then they kinda went, ok, we are going to get to just stand here..

Then I groomed them both from top to bottom and did feet, so they again were giving cues that they were ready to tack up, and instead they got to just stand, when the hauler pulled in, the reaction from both horses was as clear as a bell..

2013-01-01 1139 (600x502)

Brandy was interested and watching everything with calm..

Sam on the other hand, went wide eyed with fear, he even showed the whites of his eyes, he locked his body, he froze his head, he was in a mild panic..

This shocked me at first, you see out of the two horse’s the one that is trailer trained, the one that is truly perfectly trailer trained, is sam, he arrived and unloaded like a dream, I asked for them to let me see him load and unload again, this boy understands it and has total control and ground manners and I am looking forward to getting him out at least once or twice this year for a trailored off farm ride.

Brandy on the other hand, was sold to me, that she had never been trailored in her life, she was ponied from her old farm to mine, and I have a trailor on loan in my yard so I can teach her to load and unload so that we can in fact go out with her as well.

Then as I watched him white eyed look at the hauler and then let out a groan, I got it, it just clicked in me..

And I called, Sam, Sam, SAMMY, easy big boy, easy, its not for you.. you are not leaving, you are not going.. steady, steady, and he looked at me, his ears flicked and his lips went, and I again called, out.. easy big boy, easy, its not for you.. and he looked at me, really looked at me, like it was the first time he saw me since the truck and rig pulled in the yard.

I walked over and gave them matching head rubs and a cookie, and then went to get the rest of the work done..

After the truck pulled away, he heaved a huge sigh, and lowered his head, and when he was turned loose, he came as fast as possible over to me and fell into his training spot just behind my shoulder, he waited until I had stopped, and then he leaned his muzzle unto my neck and just sighed softly and then got on with his day..

O sam, how many homes did you have before you came to me.. how many times have you been loaded up and moved.. I heard you big guy, I heard you!

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2 Responses to The Hauler..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Oh my god.
    Tears pouring from my eyes…

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