My Personal Riding Goals for 2014

Goal #1- Get to the point of being able to Canter and feel safe doing so.. I did canter Brandy in 2013 but I didn’t feel safe doing so.. I did lots and lots of trotting on both Brandy and Sam in 2013, which was much faster then 2012’s riding which was all at a walk 🙂

Goal #2 – Do a small 18 inch jump over a log from a trot, jump, trot.. I am not setting this goal very high, I am only going to ask for one jump, if I end up getting to the point of jumping a set I will be a happy camper indeed.

Goal #3- Mounting from a fence, Mounting from a ditch, Mounting from a log/stump..

Goal #4- Mount and dismount bareback, I am not sure there will be any riding bareback this year, but I would honestly like to get the point that I can get on and off again without needing a saddle.

Goal #5 – Ride both horses without bits, just with halters and reins in the pasture

Goal #6 -Crawl under the bellies from side to side of the horse’s like I used to

Goal #7 – Ride with better balance, and a better seat..

Goal #8- Get in at least one full days ride – Min of four to six hours of riding time -Done!!! July 6th- 7 hours in the saddle!

Goal #9- Get to the point I can ride without reins with Caleb, I have already got to that point with Brandy in 2013, where you can just loop the knotted reins over her saddle horn, relax, and just ride, correcting her with knee pressure. Continue to improve this with Brandy and start the training with Caleb, at this time, the moment you are not holding him or working with him, he either, turns around, or starts going faster and faster, he does not yet have a auto.. and I want to ride him on auto!

Goal #10- Ride, Ride, Ride and Ride some more! I want to ride every week, I want to ride a number of times a week, I want to ride short and hard, long and slow, and I want to have fun doing it!

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