Slippin on ice-Brandy is Miss Gimp

Well, I am unhappy to report that Brandy took a little slip and she is a bit of a Gimp at the moment, she has been checked over carefully and nothing appears to be wrong but the super cold is not helping the healing time.

She is being careful but she allows me to touch it all over, she lets me flex it and rub it and lifts her foot, she has a good mood, she is eating and drinking well and has no trouble getting up and down but she is preferring to stay out of the wind ( I certainly don’t blame her on that one at all)

Its odd to see Samwell being the fast one, he is all full of himself, trotting around and even loping at times, he gets right hot when the fast snowmobile machines roar by, I think, he would be a fart, head tossing handful if they did it while you were out riding him.

Both of them are super happy about their daily oats which have started based on this very cold weather. I will modify it with a few other things tailored to each horse.

I hope that Brandy does not take to long before she heals up, as we have lots of riding planned, but not on this ice, its just nasty out there..IMG_0742 (400x381)

But there is lots of fun ground work things we can do even if we are being careful on her leg 🙂

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2 Responses to Slippin on ice-Brandy is Miss Gimp

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Can you use Witch Hazel compresses and Arnica ointment on horses?

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