Starting to get in shape..

Both horses have made it though this long and cold winter with shaggy coats, Brandy has kepts close to the same weight but she has lots muscle tone, Sam went into winter a touch thin and lacking muscle.. he has done a nice steady weight gain over the winter, and he is still lacking muscle, now he is more solid then last fall, his playing, running around has helped with that, but true filling out, like he should have if in very good shape, no way2013-01-01 1372 (600x450)He needs some good steady daily workouts to start filling that out, along with lots an lots of riding..  I’m not worried, it will come and happen.. Brandy with her hoof issue, will need to do a lot more ground work training, and we won’t be able to do much getting in shape work until she gets a clean bill from the ferrier and then we will start her back into her spring fitness program.

and of course, there is also me, I need to get a few things back into better shape as well for spring riding..  we have a number of things planned for this year, its going to be so much fun..

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