Somedays it works and somedays it doesn’t.

Today was a doesn’t day.. Sam didn’t want to leave brandy and he was a no show mentally for the whole ride, I just wanted to groom, tack him and have a nice short easy ride on my own pasture, I had planned on working on softnesss on right and left turns and standing in the whoa (he likes to walk out on it)

But nope, he took my relaxed and softness for weakness and just used brute strength to try and get his own way over and over and over again..

It was so frustrating, he wanted to go the barn and be with Brandy, he is so herd bound its just crazy, we spent most of the ring in circles, standing and then asking and back to circles..

I finally just got something to end on a good note and called it a day, I was really unhappy, when he does not like what I ask him to do, he backs up.. this is proving to be a very hard things to deal with..

Last fall he backed me down a steep ditch, this winter so far, he has backed me out onto a road (with a snow plow coming) and today he tried to back me into a barbwire fence.. every time you let him win to get out of the issue he just backed you into.. it just confirms this his bad choice but me as a rider has to let him do what he wants at that point or its not safe..

this brings me a fair amount of concern, what if I was on a trail ride and I need him to listen to me (the rider, hello) on what is the safe way to go and he decides at that time to say no, and then backs us unsafely.. its not truly high risk where we ride now, its pretty open, flat ground but really and truly on a proper new trail, you can’t have a horse that you can’t trust to look after you on where its going and you can’t ride and work with a horse that will not trust you, the rider is looking after both of you, when we give directions.

Was not the ride I was hoping for today..

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