Working With Sam..

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To be honest, I have not worked sam near as much as I would like in Feb, he was rode on New Years, then he was a pasture boy, he had his feet done and was well behaved overall and compared to my Brat Girl, he was a angel..

But as you can read about in the last post, he gave me a very bad ride and like I promised, after I cooled off, I would give that day a good hard think..

Well, today I knew that I was going riding, and while I would have loved! to get on up on my girl today, one if I was asking her for a nice short ride, it would for sure be with Dh, as he is a much lighter ride then I am, and while she is healing well, I didn’t want to push her in any away. (more on that in a different post)

But I decided that I would do a very different meet/greet start with sam, first I tied him up in the pasture and work brandy in the front yard out of his view, then when I had her settled, groomed and just hanging out, I went to get him..

We set the ground rules up right there, he was all, I am going to the gate and I am going to the main yard and going to the crossties, and I was like.. nope, this is one area that is pretty cleared and flat, so instead he got ground worked for about 20 min, we did slow walk, fast walk, trots and whoa’s, we did give rear, feet pickups, we did backups and we did comes and gives.. he was confused at first, but settled down quickly and got into work mode..

By the time I was done, I backed him out the gate and down the trail till the van area and then and only then allowed him to turn and walk with me, groomed, and tacked up, mounted and the ride was darn near perfect, both of us really need to get comfortable with new bit, and I am working on a few different tack adjustments.

The ride itself was very good, lots of good forward movement, we worked on our stand, whoa’s, soft directional lefts and rights, slow walk, fast walk, and trots, we lead, we followed and we rode side by side

We had a solid startle reaction on gunfire, but he recovered fairly quickly, this is a area that he will need to work on, rifle fire in our neck of the woods is pretty common, Brandy looked towards the sound and flicked a ear, she is more worried about wind in tree’s and breaking branches then by the fire of a rifle.

We can home, we untacked, groomed and did a little more ground work and then he got a good feed of oats, and a turn out, it tired him right out, he was happy to eat a bit of hay and take a nap in the warm sun..

It was a good reminder to me, that I spent a goodly number of weeks working with Brandy after I got her before I even got in the saddle, I wanted to bond with her and learn her and have her learn me before I rode (and ok, I was struggling with fear as well, could I still ride?)

With Sam, I don’t have fear, I know I can ride, and I know he can be ridden, and the winter has certainly worked well for the bonding, he is part of the farm, but he needs to same ground work training on the basic’s that I did with Brandy..

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