A little sunday riding

They say that the temps will be dipping back into the cold soon enough so today was just a perfect day to get out for a nice short winter ride.. Brandy’s foot is healing much better and faster then I expected, and Jason is under 200 pounds, and her saddle is one of those light weight synthetic, unlike Sam’s which is a good old fashioned heavy real leather one.

So I figured I would do a few ground training on her and if she looked good, her and Jason could take a slow steady careful walk only ride.. (at least that was the plan) and O did she want to go for a ride..

2013-01-01 1482 (364x600)

She did everything perfect, she opened her mouth and took the bit, she stood and stood for Dh to mount and she was a perfect horse the whole trip, she was truly a please to ride, she did everything asked of her, she was slower in her walk then normal and Dh said he could tell that she was striding different and while I could see it just the tiniest bit, it was not really showing in her movement.

It made my heart all warm to get to see her and my man make such a good team today.. Proud of both of them.

Sam and I had such a bad ride last week, that I decided that we needed a whole new plan for today, so he was tied up and left in the pasture while I worked with Brandy in the front yard, then I went and got him and we did ground work for a good solid 20 min, I then backed him though the gate and down the path before taking him to the grooming and tacking area.

He got a new bit, and some tack adjustments, the new bit is one my dad sent me and while I need to get use to it, there is no doubt in my mind that I had better control with it then his old bite, so that is good.

It was a very good ride, we only had one small “fight out”, and that was when I asked him to circle , I wanted him to circle Brandy and he “thought” I was asking him to leave her and head in a different direction and so we did a lot of side to side and move sideways, very little backing as I was driving hard for forward, I finally got a full circle and we caught up.

The rest of the things I asked him went well, we did whoa and stand, we did walk on’s, we did slow walks, fast walks, and trot, we did soft left and right shifts, we stood in a stand for vehicles to go by, we walked while they went by, all in all a very good ride..

We had some gun shots happen and Sam very much started and was concerned about them, Brandy is a old hand at them and other then looking and turning a ear, didn’t much care, so clearly that is on the list of things to work with for sam this year.

We let the horses pick their feet and placement carefully on the ice/snow that we did need to cross but mainly we rode our clean road and at times the gravel side, it was a slow, easy, steady safe ride.. and it was about a perfect way to spend the morning, I got to sleep in, Dh made me fresh dippy eggs, I worked with tack, played with the horses and took a ride with my man.. I am a Blessed FG and I know it.

I hope you had a wonderful sunday with your family and loved ones.

Now I had better get some work done, because this morning sure felt like play to me 🙂

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