Monday Training Sessions Feb 24th

Its cold out there today, the wind is high and bitter, but the sun is shining and I was working with the horse’s today even if it was only ten min each, (which turned into 30 min each) till the cold drove me into the house

I wanted to do a basic ground work session, which goes along the lines of this, call the horse’s, a bit of grooming, feet cleaned, a bit of hands on massage/touch and then backs, forwards, moving rear and shoulders and a bit of lunging..

Sam is a bit unsure/slash lazy? in his work ethic yet LOL, he came up and was interested till he saw it was work and then twice walked away, I let him, I just caught and worked with Brandy, he came up for the third time and this time when I asked him if I could come up, he stood, lead put on and tied on his tree.

Brandy has always been very good about being tethered out, but she came not good at all to being tied up and left, same is the flip of that, he is great about being tied up and walked away from but is a mess on a tether, I am going to get a high line for him and see if that will work, but he needs to learn to not tangle himself up just because he has a bit more lead.

2013-01-01 1492 (600x450)

Brandy’s extra’s today was all about her feet, she was doing lift and holds, forward lifts and holds and shake a hoof, it was a good break moving between the different things, and It was a good session indeed.

Sam is still learning the basic’s but it was nice to see that he remembers a good amount of things from his fall ground work, he needs a good deal of work on his backing by the rope sway, he is very good at his back if you do it on his lead but without that pressure, he is lost yet on what I am asking for it. Which is interesting to me, after this many years, you would think that the voice cue would work on him as well.

Whoa is the same, its not the voice commend that is his trigger, its the lead rope, but its coming, he is getting much better. He was so good today about staying in his stand, something that was a real struggle last year that we worked and worked on.. he is getting better at that in saddle as well.

He has yet to figure out that he can relax, graze and hang either on lead or under saddle, but its slowly coming, today he got his bridle put on and between the regular moves, we worked on turning left and right bit work.. I took myself off the saddle and worked him with bit, rein and tapping stick on the ground..

2013-01-01 1490 (600x450)

Wow was he a stiff boy on the first rounds, I mixed it up, going twice on each side in full circles for a total of four reps over his 30 min, round two he was better, round three was the best and he was trying to overguess me on round 4, but it was still not as stiff as the first one that’s for sure.

Its a good thing you are hugging that inside body and moving your feet, you sure would not want to stumble but it all worked fine.. In the photo you see the start postion of the rein an my hand on his shoulder, then I put the camera away and got my head and body into focus.

It was fun, it was busy, it was great to work each of them at the place they are at.. It was good to see many things remembered and it was good to what area’s need to be worked on over the next while.

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One Response to Monday Training Sessions Feb 24th

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Guessing, from what you said at the very beginning about Sam, is that he didn’t get much verbal interaction (or anything else): before he came to you…
    Glad you’re being so patient with him and that the two of you continue to progress and cement your bond: )

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