Sam-Bagging out.. Brandy-Bag out and mounting Block training

Wish I had found time to do this early this morning when it was warmer but did other chores, so it was bright sunny, windy and cold with little bits of snow coming down this afternoon when I headed out to do today’s horse training..

The tool was a broom handle with a plastic bag tied on to the end.. it was bright, colorful and noise.. it was the FLAPPY bag LOL

2013-01-01 1498 (334x600)

Now I was very pleased to see Sam was more interested in joining me for his workout today, in fact he greeted me first.. that’s my good boy.. not that Brandy was far behind, she had just been a bit further away when they saw me coming.

Sam got his basic’s done, and then we moved on to the flappy bag, and he was interested in it, checked it out and was calm about the bag, till it started to move, he reacted and started, he lunged trying to play keep away..

So I took it down a notch and we did rubs first, and then worked our way up to side passes and then finally worked ourselves up to the full shake, rattle and roll..

By the end of the session, he was awesome about it..

2013-01-01 1500 (600x450)

Now Brandy got the same basic’s including the bagging out..

2013-01-01 1503 (450x600)

but she is old hat at this.. yawn!

2013-01-01 1502 (450x600)

So we moved on to a more advanced lesson for her today, working on correctly lining up for the mounting block both on the low side and the high side.. so this was the other tool that was used today.

2013-01-01 1504 (600x450)

So I had planned on setting her up and then doing corrections with the bag/stick on asking her to bring her rear into the correct spot but she stumped me LOL, I did each side five times, stood on it, asked her to circle around, line up, grab her mane, and leaned over and layed over her back, sometimes jumping a bit , sometimes kicking off on the leg, on the short side it was a reasonable lean, on the high side, it was pretty much a full body lean and I did some shifting to make her lock in place..

The only catch was…. she was such a turkey.. she did them perfect, I never need to use the corrective tool once LOL

She was like.. get on mom, lets go for a ride.. moved up like slow and would move one foot in at a time, she kept her butt correctly in and lined up, she stood steady and rock solid, she let me pull, push, lay and shift and she would just lock up and hold for me.. she never once tried to break her stand when I was laying over her..

Needless to say when I was done, she got a good groom, and snuggle and treat!

She kept looking at the tack area, I could see that she was like.. Ride?? and I was like, no riding, I can’t wait to get that set up done in the big pasture so I can start riding when Dh is at work, I know he will worry but I want to be able to ride more, granted the daylight is getting longer, and I do like evening rides.


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