Water, and habits..

Boy, I tell ya, I can’t wait till we can stop hauling water, come spring the barrels will be put out and the horses will have their rain water drinking spot, plus the water trough (their second choice) will be filled with a hose and I haul 6 to 8 five gallon buckets in the morning and hubby does the same it the evening and with all the new lambs, a set of two extra for top ups at noon these days.

As it starts to melt, the pond will fill up and for weeks, we won’t need to do anything for the pasture critters and water, it will be a sweet break..

now how is this related to the horse’s, well it makes me muse when I watch them drink, they both have their own rituals of what they must do before they settle down and drink..

Brandy must smell it, then she must do a two dip process and then she will drink deeply, always moving from the right to the left, once she starts drinking, she will drink her fill and be done.

Sam on the other hand has a much more indepth drinking process.. he sucks up water, does a head bob, and then moves it sideways and opens his mouth and drops it, its not dirty water, and I have checked to see if he is trying to rince a impact but it comes out pretty clean, a bit of green if he has been eating hay, clear if he was resting, but he has to “rinse” his mouth out two but most often three times before he settle’s to drink his water and once he picks his spot, he stays there, he does not drift.. its his spot..

He appears to drink more water then Brandy does.. in fact being the one hauling the water, I know he drinks more them her, he likes a full extra five gallons or about 30 plus pounds of extra water per day.

Does your horse have a certain pattern that they need to do before they drink?

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