Brandy total training session today was a snuggle while she was laying down in the sun, I got a little video of it, but not to long because its really not ideal on the safety front to be on the legs side, I was watching her pretty careful and she was very relaxed and comfy, but after the video was done, we had a good rub session, and I did a nice lean, rest with her on the backside, where its safe for my big old body that needs time to move to get down and rest with her.

2013-01-01 1615 (600x370)

Sam’s workout was more active, he came up, and was interested in what we were going to do, so that was nice to see today.. We did stretches, boy is he stiff, even when he is willing to bend to the right and left for his carrot treats, he is so stiff.. we did a stretch each side, then a round of walking each way a couple circles, stops, call in’s, back off’s, call in and another round of stretches.. we did a series of three, and he was a tiny bit more flexable but Brandy can touch her sides and stretch that neck right out, he is a good six plus inches on each side and maybe 60 percent of the same reach back.

I will do some research on what I can do on some fun things to work that stretch out on the ground, so that its more soft and moveable.. after the workout, he got his massage, he is really starting to like them, he droops his head and relax’s, almost eye closed dozing while I work on him, when I was done, he did a tiny lean on his head and sighed.

The sun is warm, and I can see that they are starting to do a bit of undershedding out on their coats, as are the hounds, and the sheep are starting to scratch on the trees already.. Lots and lots of grooming in my future 🙂

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