Well that was fun..

Well, it was certainly interesting and there were good points to the ride itself, both horse’s went, they were happy and fine until they realized that a third rider and horse was joining us, and then they were both snotface’s.

They were hot, and spooky, and they both pushed it for the whole dang ride, Brandy settled faster then sam but it was not a relaxed fun ride in any way.. We did work though going past a dead critter, both horse’s rode across the bridge, (something I had done with Brandy but not sam) and did quite well with it, working on whoa’s and stands.

Then on the way home, we were doing ok, right until we decided to ride past the drive way to the other end of the road, two horse’s went and mine did not, three circles and he went to do the back up thing, and I have really been working on that, and said, No-Forward and he went NO-HOME and then he cleared air.. his back hoove went high enough to clear over Brandy’s butt..

Thank god for a good saddle and muscle memory, I never even came close to coming out of the saddle, it was a steady as she goes moment, he came down, I made him stand, then I asked for a small give, which he did, and then I had us go in a circle and he went in his place and then I let him come down the lane.

Poor Brandy was freaked out and didn’t want to come down the lane, she was not coming home and near him, so DH stood her til it was all calm and then they came in.

Well, its clear that he believes me that backing up is not a correct answer when I ask for forward and he doesn’t want to go, but he has never given me any hints ever that he would buck before.. I have never even seen a crow hop out of him before.. huh

Tomorrow, I am going to tack him up and work him on lead over and over again on down the lane, left, and right and around and down and back again, if that goes smoothly, then I am going to put hubby on him and me on the line and keep loose lead, only correcting as needed with the lead and then for Monday and Tuesday, we will work a few different ground lessons, and weds, I will do it over with hubby and line and then if its working well, we will move to me under saddle and hubby on the line.

Steady as she goes..

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2 Responses to Well that was fun..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Aye Cap’n, steady as she goes…

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