Fear while smart is not allowed!

O Sam, if you thought for a moment that your show of temper/disrespect/frustration meant that you were going to get in trouble, it must have been a bit of a shock to you, no mean words, no hits given back, you were gently untacked, groomed and turned out, you didn’t get your oats, which after a ride is normal but that’s minor.

Today is a new day, a new day for me, a new day for you.. and we are gong to start this new day with trust and kindness, we are going to back up and take smaller steps, we are going to work on trust building as a team and we are going to move forward.

Today you will get groomed, tacked up and we are going to start in a combo of field and ground work, the plan is to do the basic ground work in tack, Then we will see how you are, then if good, move to Dh riding you with me on the ground with lead in the pasture and then if good, move to riding up and down the lane on lead with Dh, if good, then out the lane and back in the lane, out the lane right and back in the lane, out the lane left and down the road five feet and back in the lane..

Ideally doing at least three repeats with stands and relaxing in betweens, small breaks with backing etc.

Monday and Tuesday will be all about ground training and weds, we will repeat the above, working to get to the point that we have step by step success till it would be fair to try and have Dh work the lead line on the ground, and me in saddle.

I am going to find a way to end on high notes, not ask for just one more.. I am going to spend a extra time each day just pulling you out and grooming and hand walking you for ten min.

Brandy on the other hand, is going to go at a more advanced level in her training, ah spring, time to get the horse’s back into work mode..

Ideally some photos or short video’s of different things coming soon over the next days and weeks.

Its a good thing I have at least few people that read this, but In a way my horse blog is more about write a journal about my journey back into riding and horse’s.

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2 Responses to Fear while smart is not allowed!

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  2. I really enjoy reading all that you write!!!

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