What a workout..

While I am very sure it was a good workout for Sam as well it was a full blown, huff and puff workout for me.. I am amazed I did as well as I did, but am proud of both Sam and I am proud that I am so much more fit then I was even a year ago and that was even better then the summer before!

IMG_0648 (400x300)

Let me tell ya a story, A few days after this amazing beauty of a horse called Brandy came into my world, I decided to hand walk her down to the running road, o my, what a battle it was, she wanted to go into Farmer T’s and go see the horse herd, around and around and around we went, I did get her to the road and I did get her back but I was am not kidding when I say, my whole body felt like I had done battle and I put her to pasture and took pain meds and crawled into bed, thinking.. “o my goodness, I think I am to old and fat for this LOL)2010-01-15 2010-01-15 003 005 (500x375)

Thankfully I am naturally a cheery person and just did less the next day LOL Now it really does help that I am down over 30 pounds since that walk and at my first ride shown above. but I am up in weight compared to my riding last year, so it really! needs to come back off and fast!


I really want to get a min of twenty off for spring riding and ideally 40 for the heavy summer riding would be perfect. I need to loss another ten to get to my best fit riding weight of last summer! shown in the photo above

Today however, I woke up after a good sleep and headed out with a light step, Sam came to me and we tacked up and I did hand walking/ground work on the lane and on the road, then Dh joined us, and we worked as a team, (boy Dh, he groaned when he got on, he though Brandy was wide but has grown use to it, but found that Sam was a bit more then he was used to) I was there to give a helping hand in regards to ground control and to act as a lead pony if an as needed.

First because hubby does not ride sam, (he rides Brandy)  I thought it was only fair to do some basic pasture riding and work before we even considered taking this team to the lane and road..

So that was about half an hour, and went very well, then we went to the road, I may have been funny looking when I did it but I even got some jogging in there 🙂 I am not a pretty jogger but I am happy that I can do it when I want to..

We had a very positive half an hour workout, at that point, he was just starting to sweat in a few spots but he was mentally done and I had got the reps I wanted, I was beat at that point and hubby was getting sore to boot, so we called on the high note.

Hubby rode him up the big straw bale and got off, and I said, o what a good old boy, and hubby said, why, yes I am and then stretched out, I snapped this one laughing as he laid right out on that big bale..

2013-01-01 1628 (450x600)


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2 Responses to What a workout..

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  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    LOL! Can full-out calendar shots be far down the road?; )

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