Cold.. so quick little training sessions..

Well, I will be honest, I had planned at least an hour a day for the hours’s but its bitter out there, the cold is still cold but the windchill is just bitter!

This is not to say that the horse’s have not been getting training, they are and lots of it, on average three to five times a day, I bolt out the door and do five min with each of them.. lifting feet, picking feet, grooming, backing, stretches, and trick training..

Today given its St. Paddy’s, I decided to do a quick little “bagging” training, they were given Babushka’s LOL2013-01-01 1685 (450x600)

Yes, I laughed my rear off the whole time, they are such goofy horse’s so sweet!

2013-01-01 1690 (450x600)



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