O my.. its going to be a interesting spring/summer..

Nothing helps me lose weight like riding my horse’s.. and while I go up and down the rollercoaster that is testing, waiting, trying and then finding out that we are on to the next cycle for working on making a wee one..

I can always get out and spend time the horse’s, I guess because they reflect me in so many ways, I have to focus, and collect myself in order to work with them.. the reason’s don’t really matter in the end, just the results which is that it helps me feel better.

But me being me, I have to try new, try more, just try.. and the truth is I don’t get off the farm much, my dogs used to get me off the farm and given me weekends away from the farm but I have not been active in that way for a number of years now, and so I need to find something that lets me “look” to the future..

So lets see, first I am thrilled to announce that a friend of mine who is close by is going to adding to her own private trails system this year, and so there will be a number of new trails nice and close to head out on, this is awesome..

Second, I have signed up for a two day horse clinic, its a ground training/riding clinic, it will happen in May and I am both excited and scared at the idea of heading to my first horse clinic, that I take a horse to.. thankfully its very close by, so that helps in being able to arrange pick up and drop off. I plan to take Brandy with me to the event.. I honestly have no idea at all what to expect from her, but I am sure she will be both a snotface and a angel in her own right LOL

Either way, I believe it will be very good for her and as she has more solid basic’s under her belt on the ground training, I am hopeful that I will bring new skills to work with sam and her.. the best of both worlds.. As my folks said, train sam because you like to do so, but don’t put the extra money into his training, we are not going to use any of it..

This is a very good point, won’t stop me from training an working with sam regardless.. yes, its back up in the air on if Sam is staying or Sam is going to Alberta.. I know, I know.. lets just move on..

Third.. I have a goal.. I am going to try and have both myself and one or both horse’s in shape enough to do a set time ride for 12 miles (or 25 miles haha..) that will be taking place locally, I am not going in with the plan to place, but I am going in with grit an the plans to cross the finish line!

This is taking place at the very end of Aug, so I have lots of time to make it happen, with a training program for both myself and the horse’s.

So that’s it so far..

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One Response to O my.. its going to be a interesting spring/summer..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    WooHoo! Soundin’ good, Girl!

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