This past week has been quiet on the horse front :)

Its been cold and icy, I can handle the cold, but when you combine it with ice, my guys are barefoot and I don’t have a clue where I would get boots to fit their big old feet, I will consider putting shoes on Sam’s front feet if needed but at the moment, I would prefer to just take a few days off due to weather and work on full little things..

Lots of grooming going on as they are starting to blow their winter shag, this also means that I have their lick block just over the fence, they can both reach it for licks but Brandy can’t beat it up in a matter of hours flat by using her feet on it.

This extra push of vit, minerals and protein lick will go along way to helping their new summer coats come in looking mighty fine indeed.. they have dirty muzzles and sweet breaths at the moment.

I did get some body work done, I did get some basic lunging done and I did get one ride on sunday on Samwell, it was not near as busy as I would have liked, it was all about asking softly and yielding on left/rights but it was a good ride and it was a needed for learning.

2013-01-01 1723 (485x600)

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2 Responses to This past week has been quiet on the horse front :)

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    LOL! Sorry, but you always look like the cat that just ate the canary when you’re up on horseback… (Not that I don’t understand, right?; ) You lucky girl, you!

    • I know that Jason does not get it but I swear I get a “natural” high from working with my horse’s be it riding or a good ground work session, It lifts my mood up, up! and it stays for hours, even days afterwards.. I am a very lucky girl

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