Sigh, well, the good news is that Samwell was a total gentleman with my wonderful ferrier, he was good, barely did a lean even once, had his feet all cleaned up and down, and I was so pleased to have my ferrier give him the once over and tell me that he is looking great! He continues to gain weight and is in the words “was well covered, now to just build that muscle” and I agree, he was a bit thin when I got him, I like the flesh covering as well, now to fill out those muscles 🙂

My Brandy on the other hand, well she has never liked getting her feet done and she had a meltdown, and only got two done, and we called it, she is such a oddduck on this one, when its just us, I can lift her feet, I can clean her feet, I can play games with her feet, but none of that work inbetween applies when it comes to getting her feet done..

I am going to bring in the vet on this one, despite bringing in a number of things or idea’s on how to get her to calm down, I think we are going to have to get vet help on this one, She must have her feet done, and we have to be safe working around her while its being done..

The good news is that I had already planned to have the vet out this month, as the horse’s need their checkups, yearly vaccines and coggins test, plus I need their teeth looked at, so I can figure out costs on getting their teeth floated.

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