Looking, Looking..

Well, went tonight to meet some truly lovely horse’s, and they were, I love Clyde cross horse’s, got to see them in pasture as a group, and without a doubt some very nice youngin’s but the one that drew my eye was the one I was going to look at.. beautiful horse.. gentle and free spirited all in one..

and not for me..

I saw I lovely mare in a local rescue, I like her, a lot.. but you have to buy cold, and I just can’t do it, I need to meet and work with the horse first to see if its a great fit..

I have talked to a couple other folks, and I thank them so much for being honest with me about the horse, it was not a good fit..

I said to my hubby on the way home from looking at this BIG and lovely boy.. I knew my Brandy was special when I got her but I don’t think I understood just how lucky I am that she is, who she is, or maybe I did and I had forget it..

Well, I am being reminded now.. maybe I need to really think about this, maybe I should look into see if I can get Brandy to the beginner level in the cowboy horse and I should be looking for a smaller mount for hubby.. but that does not work, not really, because I need to be able to do the training and that includes riding on the second horse and what are the odds that I am going to find another one that will look after my hubby as well as Brandy does for J in the saddle.

I know, I know, slow down, the right horse will come..

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