Learning curve..

2013-01-01 1866 (600x472)

Things I have learned to date.. Bruno (Caleb) is a whole lotta horse LOL

He is a good boy but he has speed and power in a way that is different then my draft horse’s do.. he add’s a element of speed that is quite different from them..

I have learned that he can take his bridle off if he has a tree or post to help him do so..

I have learned that he can open a loop gate latch and let himself though a gate (this was in fact taught to him by the old owner who liked not having to get off the horse to open a gate to ride out..

I have learned that he takes a apple very nicely, and has good manners there..

I have learned that he is excellent in regards to riding cues, be it verbal, leg pressure or bit pressure

I have learned he has a very soft mouth and does best with a light touch when possible.

I have learned that he understands stand and is able to relax when asked while under saddle.

I have learned that he does not care if you come to the fence line, only cares if you come in pasture with a lead rope, otherwise, he just does his own thing..

I have learned that he does not trust me to lead yet, this makes sense, he needs to learn me as I learn him.

I have learned that he will always seek out hubby over me, makes sense, he was a man’s horse for the last five plus years.. it will be a slow transfer..

I am learning.. and so is he..

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2 Responses to Learning curve..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Funny you said that bit about him being a “Man’s Horse”; ’cause I’d wondered about that initially (that is, until you mentioned all the “Are you SURE you wanna?”s and other Advanced things he does)
    Takes off his own tack and opens gates? Uh oh… This guy sounds like a horse version of a Jack Russell; )

    • He is a horse that needs a job, but he is a calm and steady, he is respectful of the fence, he is gentle and respectful of you in the pastures, he is very good with the dogs, cats, birds, sheep, lambs and the calf, he is low man in the herd, under both other horses. But yes, he is clever, something to remember every single time you work with him.. he will remember what happened and I have no doubt at all, will use it next time LOL

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