Bruno (Caleb)’s first Ground work training..



Reach for your dreams, but remember, one step at a time, one step at a time!

Well, today was the first day I felt well enough to get back to a daily workout with the horse’s, Everyone got groomed, feet cleaned and checked, its been so wet, and then Bruno got pulled out for a our first ground work session..

we loaded and unloaded in the trailor, we played with tarps, hoola hoop, step up and step down, the flappy bag, stick work, popping sounds, touch, lunge and I’m sure I am forget things.. in some ways, he is rock solid, in others, he does not understand what I am asking, and its a clean slate in training and in others..

wow, two speeds, whoa to GO!..

We are and will be working on putting a first and second gear in there He is a interesting mix in temperament, in some ways soft, in some ways hard, in some ways gentle/truly sweet and in others hotter/reactive then I am use to dealing with.. but above all, he was always willing and I can see that he has a ton of heart.

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3 Responses to Bruno (Caleb)’s first Ground work training..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    He is beautiful and, you could see from that very first photo (one from the previous owners, I think?) that he’s “full of piss ‘n vinegar”, as my grandfather used to say; )
    Glad you’re coming around. *Knock wood* I’m almost done with Round Two as well. (This has been one VERY nasty bug!):

    • Its been a very nasty bug instead, I have a feeling it with be another week to two or more before it totally clears and that’s with care. Feel better soon as well..

      He is a very handsome boy, right now he has a beatles front hair cut with one long skater piece left.. I didn’t plan that, I wanted to do layers but he moved at the wrong time and snip.. dang, and so beatles hair cut it was, but its awesome to see his eyes, suddenly I can read him so much better and that little left long piece is cute indeed. shorted but shagged his mane up a lot, but left all his length so far on the tail,

      He really is trying to learn how to please me, I was out tonight and he was trying to offer me a few things that we had worked on this afternoon, that was very nice to see, he is also watching the other horse’s and what gets them rewards

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