Horse Play.. Brandy

2013-01-01 2161 (323x600)

2013-01-01 2167 (600x561)

2013-01-01 2168 (600x568)

2013-01-01 2170 (450x600)

2013-01-01 2174 (450x600)

2013-01-01 2175 (435x600)

2013-01-01 2177 (450x600)

2013-01-01 2187 (450x600)

2013-01-01 2182 (426x600)

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One Response to Horse Play.. Brandy

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Wow, that one with the angled jump and Canadian flag blowing right in her face is a nasty one! (You ever consider designing at Spruce Meadows?; )
    And now they’re Polo players too? Sending a big “Nice work!!” to the Brandy-J Team: )

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