Vet Day..

Well, my horse vet was out yesterday, It was a busy visit, We needed a health checkup and vaccine and his long term antibodic shot prepared for him for his trip out west..

Caleb needed his booster and his first full vet check up, I also was interested in talking to her if he needed care in terms of his back as I will be doing a good amount of riding, at this time, he is perfect and there is no need, he got his blood taken for coggens and got his needles- two in total and he was a perfect gentleman and once again, I was told, such a good boy, lovely temperament etc.

Brandy likes the female vet so she was her lovely flirty self, she had her health checkup and her vaccines done, she had her old injuries checked on and she had her feet checked, she has confirmed Ringbone in both front feet, one being much worse then the other.. but she is good for basic riding and flat work, I was able to get the needed medication from the vet to be able to use for the ferrier, it will just chill her out and she will be all mellow for getting her feet done.

Vet thinks because she had slipped a bit in the winter an therefor was putting more weight on her front feet, they got a bit more sore then normal and that is why she had a meltdown on the ferrier, but regardless, she must have her feet done..

Vet also checked and she has the most mild but slightly crooked front leg, this means that her weight rolls out wrongly on her good front leg, which was only even slightly seen in the foot because it had not had a trim the last to time and you can see the uneven wear, normally because I am always up to date on her feet and because my ferrier is very good, this has never been a issue and it won’t be as long as I continue to keep on it.

Blood work on the coggins is back in a total of four days, but the chances of a issue are very very low so I am not going to dwell on it.

As Samwells special saddle blanket will be going with him, and he is leaving before Caleb and I do the clinic, I need to do to the local tack shop and by a new saddle pad, wow, there are so many kinds and makes and models, I went with the advince given by Brandi at the clinic I went to.. if its under 60 don’t look at it, go for at least a inch in thickness, if at all possible do the holes in the middle for air and breathing and otherwise, the rest is gravy.. so I went with a odd foam one, it does not collect hair on the underside and can be wiped dry and clean, has a nice wool on top and its to help your saddle not slide and give extra comfey on the riding, but it also had something I really liked, it has a cut out where your ties come in, and so once your saddle is in place and tied on, they are level to the blanket and boy is it nice to have your leg lay flatter to the horse’s side, I had hubby getting up and down to allow me to make adjustment and I tied the lead rope to Caleb’s halter, he figred it out but its pretty clear that he was really unsure about being ridden without a bit LOL

Something to work on indeed..

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2 Responses to Vet Day..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of information!
    So, what is ringbone?

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