8 mile ride..

So yesterday, Caleb and I headed out on a lovely evening ride, we had planned a 7 mile ride but we had a change in plans and decided with riding partner to just do the four mile ride and see if he would cross the old long wooden bridge.

He did with no issue both ways, we passed other horses, dogs, other riders (who we stopped and visited with) and in the end we rode eight miles instead of 4..

But something else happened last night, we started trotting off property, at first it was slow soft jog trotting, with lots of easy for control, lots of short catch up trotting, but then we started getting our grove on, and we start stretching out and getting some ground covering fast trotting for good amount of distance covered, and he is so willing, soft to go up, soft to go down, a soft ask with put him from slow trot to faster trot.

We did a tiny bit of the ride with “collection” but I was thrilled that 90 plus percent of the ride was done with soft hands and a soft relaxed bite, I really worked both at walk (by that I mean the fast walkout) and at the trot to use my legs-stirups more and sit back more, I used combo shadow, my own body feel and riding partner, feeling it today but really saw improvement.

Love the new saddle blanket, it did its job very well in some ways and in other not sure yet, need to research something on its sweat pattern.. it has holes down the middle and I just need to learn more yet

Normaly so far we ride in the bush or field but with the bugs, we did a flat land road, ditch ride last night, caleb has to look at and check out every single driveway, finally I let him go to a driveway and he rides up to the mailbox and stops.

hmm.. I have heard of this game, so I say.. touch it. he reaches out and touches his nose to it, we ride to the next driveway, let him have his head does the same thing to garbage can LOL.. ok then..

Going to start teaching him how to western neck rein. planning on being back in the saddle today!

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