O my..

So a girlfriend has been looking for a new horse and she asked me to come with her to look at a certain mare, now given what the young (as in 19 or 20 year old) owner had said, to be totally honest, I felt we were wasting our time..

So much of the information and things shared on this horse just seemed off and wrong in so many ways.. but she was “in breed, type and basic’s” for what my girlfriend was looking for and so off I went for a nice long drive to see a horse I was sure was going to fail my personal checks, I would say.. PASS and then leave it in said girlfriends hands.

What we got, was something so unexpected, so unplanned, that I feel the need to write it out in a general way..

We arrived to a slightly unweight, very out of shape mare, who had a huge crack in her one foot, (she will need ferrier work on all feet, but that one is going need shoes and or the boot to be safe to ride in) she is off but not lame..

I looked at the tack and then did a double take.. WHAT THE HELL! so lets start with the head piece, the girl said, she hates her bit, and prefers to be ridden in a bitless, she throws her head around and so they have her tied down, so we nicely ask her to drop her head, no issuies, we ask her to take the bit, she sigh’s and does so and yes in the ride, she does lift her head, because the bit is so ill-fitting that she raises her head trying to move the bit in her mouth to stop the pain, when you ask her to lower her head, she will do it but flinches from the pain, never had her teeth floated.. Poor Girl..

Then comes the saddle and again, we are told, she hates the western saddle, well no doubt!!!!@!, I have never seen a worst fitted saddle in my life, it pinches, it so wrong for her body, its changes her movement, it has to hurt…and the cinch.. what.. its so big on her that you barely have two inches before the cinch hits the saddle.. unbelieveable..

The young girl says, she fights having it on, and if you ride for hours, she gets mad and is bad and bunny hops..for her to wear that ill fitting saddle for hours of being asked to trot and lope and JUMP!! I am stunned that she doesn’t fit more..

Then we are told, she just needs to be told what to do, I am corrected by this young girl at least five times in as many minutes, O you don’t have to touch the lead rope, o you have to do this or do that..

So they get up and ride her, she does everything asked but its done with unhappiness, and they saw.. see, she is a unwilling horse.. WHAT!!!

So my girlfriend gets up on her (she is rusty but has lots of horse training and riding) and she gives clear cues and ASK’S and the horse just relax’s and goes.. O I know what you want, ears come up, body collects, and she starts getting happier and happier, girl at first goes.. you don’t need to do this or that.. then she starts to frown and go.. How can she get her to do that.. Wish I could do that etc..

This mare is trained! I mean really really well trained, she had a dead stop, she does her lead changes, she side passes, she drops head, picks feet and is dead broke quiet.. LOVELY mare..

We leave and have the powwow.. bottom line, this mare is lovely, she needs weight, she needs muscle, she needs her vet care and her ferrier care but otherwise.. wow.. what a nice girl..

My friend bought her, without the saddle and tack.. knowing that she will need to do the fix’s but I have no doubt at all, that they are going to be a great team..

So here is my rant! Don’t buy a well broke, well trained horse for your daughter, and then spend two years letting the horse go in all ways medically and physically and allow her to put on illfitting tack and then blame the horse..

In some ways that horse is worth every penny my friend paid for her and in other ways, she is a rescue.. such a sweetheart, I can’t wait to see what she will be in three, six months or a year from now..

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2 Responses to O my..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Thank !GOODNESS! you two went and had a look…

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