Caleb and I have been given extra freedom..

Yup, after getting back into riding with getting Brandy two years ago in Aug, I have always been under the watchful eye of my hubby, and one of the big firm rules as been.. NO Riding when he is not home, NO RIDING ALONE.

but guess what happened last week.. yup, after I tacked up, mounted, rode out and came back and dismounted, hubby looked at me and said, really there is little difference between you riding when I am not home and you riding alone when I am home, I can’t see you (I no longer just ride up and down the one area that hubby can keep a eye on me) when alone.

and so he said, I think its time you can start riding when I am at work.. Now I am not going to go hog-wild on this as it must be done safely but..

Caleb and I had our first “alone” dad is at work ride.. and I had to mark it with photos.. Because I don’t talk much when riding alone, I put on bear bells for in the woods riding, and I packed a little more heavily in the saddlebags just in case, I figured I need a on me bag as well, and while I love how much you can put in my big saddle bags, I need a small over the horn saddle bags as well.. and second water bottle.

2013-01-01 2312 (450x600)

2013-01-01 2315 (450x600)2013-01-01 2314 (450x600)

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3 Responses to Caleb and I have been given extra freedom..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    LOVIN’ the black ear tips! (What a great view you’ve got from back here; )

    • It is a good one, we had a great ride, in many ways as calm and steady as can be, but a big delivery truck just had to cross the bridge at the same time as us, that got a little tiny feet dance, start, don’t blame the poor boy at all, but it he settled really fast, we are really starting to cover the ground now that we do a lot of walk, trot, walk trot, I have been waiting for him to ask to canter while with friend but so far, not, of course on our single ride, he asks, but I want to do it with someone else out when off the farm the first couple times..

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Well, lol, good luck with him finally asking when you’ve got some company: )

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